It has been a year like no other…

It was the most amazing, most exciting and most devastating of our lives.

In the restive land we live in, we choose to put on our rose colored glasses and enjoy the view.

With a healthy appetite for love and life we present this year:


an open invitation to rejoice in the pleasures of life. Roaming free with the animals, when love was natural and nature was wild. The allure of Adam and Eve, the thrill of a first kiss.

We drew inspiration for The Good Things Collection from the challenges of the past year, one like no other. As part of our survival kit, we are choosing to put on rose-colored glasses and enjoy the view. This year we are taking time to savor the good moments. This year Bokja is Bringing the Happy.

For the first time ever no vintage fabrics have been used, we have produced all the textiles for the collection in our Atelier. Through a combination of machine and hand embroidery, digital printing, fabric manipulation, and hand painting, the fabrics evoke an instantly familiar and comforting feeling.


The animals in this collection embody a free spirit, roaming through the wilderness.




Make sure to check out the collection in its entirety here


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