Bokja in China


Dadawa, an artist and pioneer of China’s new music scene invited us to China to participate in SHOW THE WORLD, a goodwill initiative that aims to preserve and develop ethnic culture in China.


We embarked on a design tour to visit artisanal handicraft workshops alongside celebrated Chinese architect Rossana Hu and British designer Tom Dixon. We were lucky enough to get a peak through the curtain into the world of Chinese culture and crafts.



 We visited the ancient deep blue Indigo Dye pits in Nantong, a technique still being used to this day.



We learned about felt making in beautiful but freezing Mongolia.

_MG_4584 _MG_4588

We saw intricate embroidery craftsmanship in Sezhou

_MG_4467 _MG_4214

We even got a sneak peak at how traditional lanterns come to life

_MG_4933 _MG_4934

And even though we were 5000 miles away from Beirut, every Bokja moment we witnessed took us a little closer to home.

Candles & Dumplings

Candles & Dumplings

Until next time,



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  1. Wonderful visit and beautiful work you have shared here!! Thanks – have a wonderful end of year and here’s to an equally creative New Year!! Cheers!!

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