Bokja presents “AND THEN THERE WERE NONE” at CUADRO Gallery as part of ART DUBAI starting Monday the 18th till the 7th of May.

“And Then There Were None”is an installation of tactile spheres, each representing a leader from history. Injecting a twist of dark humor, Bokja presents the installation in parallel with the popular nursery rhyme, Ten Little Indians.

Bokja warns of the timeless phenomena of dictatorship and playfully questions a day when there will be none.



Ten little dictators all walking a fine line,

One lost his balance and then there were nine.

Nine little dictators ignoring their fate,

One met his early, and then there were eight.

Eight little dictators dreaming of heaven,

One said he’d stay there and then there were seven.

Seven little dictators knocking down bricks,

One got crushed and then there were six.

Six little dictators allowing no one to survive,

One turned against another and then there were five.

Five little dictators all rotten to the core,

One bit the other and then there were four.

Four little dictators who couldn’t agree

One lost his temper and then there were three.

Three little dictators who bit off more than they could chew,

One got swallowed up whole and then there were two.

Two little dictators fighting over a gun,

The inevitable happened and then there was one.

One dictator left, with no where to run,

His actions caught up with him and then there were none. 

Our apologies to Septimus Winner for the misuse and abuse of his original song “Ten Little Injuns”, written in1868.







  1. yara

    Hi , i would like to buy some of your amazing collection in my new shop in dubai mall, would you be so kind and send me your contact number, Yara

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