Rice anyone?

The “Rice Pudding” Swivel is, hands down, one of Bokja’s craziest pieces! It is a Vintage Swivel frame upholstered in very old precious fabrics, mixed with a recycled Brazilian coffee bag, an Egyptian rice bag and a Chinese Jacket. It is a variety of cultures and ages all woven into one piece of art.



  1. Just wanted to say that I just love the work you are doing. I have just started to learn how to upholster furniture and will follow your blog from now on. Ewa in Sweden

  2. sivan

    Beautifull work. i wish soon i will be able to catch a flight from Tel Aviv to Lebanon… that would be soooo nice.

  3. I absolutley love your blog – it is very inspiring and I have learnt so much about Bojka! Thank you for sharing!


  4. sandra

    Filles incroyables!
    Je suis à Rio de Janeiro (Brésil) et vous êtes une inspiration pour mes créations (vêtements pour enfants).
      La liberté avec laquelle ils créent et ont une histoire en plusieurs parties, il me donne les moyens incroyables pour créer avec le cœur.
    Je vous remercie,
    sandra teodoro

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