Mother’s Day is around the corner!

21st of March marks the beginning of Spring and Oh My how wintertime seemed to be so long and so cold. We can’t wait for what we like to call “The perfect Season”.

On that beautiful day comes Mother’s Day. What better way to show your love than with these lovely and cozy cushions that would just brighten up your Mom’s day as much as the sun shining outside!

The cushions carry a message saying “رضاك يا أمي”, an Arabic quote that means the most important thing in the world is for your mother to be satisfied.



  1. Please tell me where I can purchase your beautiful chairs and pillows in the U.S.A?? I am in LOVE with them. Thank You

    you can access my email from my blog

    • Hello Kathy, Thank you for your lovely words, they warmed our hearts!! We currently sell our products at ABC Carpet & Home in New York, however they do not carry our whole collection. We ship to every corner of the world, and will be more than happy to do so for you. Please send us an email on with your inquiries.

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