Bokja’s Best Seller

And the awards goes to: OPIUM sofa

Opium Speech ” Thank you so much I really didn’t expect to win this award. let me tell you a little about me: I am 65 cm height 187 cm width & 67 cm depth. I was brought to life in 2002 in Beirut by two crazy women Maria and Hoda, I am a reinvention of an old 50’s sofa, they knocked off the back of the sofa in a moment of frustration and here I am. But I must say I feel I am a product of love and the proof is that everybody loves me. Nowadays I am born, born and reborn in the hands of many assistants.  I must thank all my fans in Germany, Switzerland, UK and Italy”




  1. Eva De Vree

    Hello gorgeous, you really look amazing thanks to all the talentet assistents and creative designers! I really would like to invite you to my home for a visit!! Talk to you soon
    Lots of love from switzerland

  2. Patrizia Hongisto

    Now you also have a fan in Finland. Your design carries the intense sunlight of Beirut. Thank you for coming to life.

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