This past weekend, despite the heavy rain and blowing winds that plagued Saifi village, our Christmas party was on, full swing. Many friends and Bokja fans braved the storm, and ventured into our studio for a BOKJAdized Saturday complete with carols, fizzy blackberry Prosecco, and a  bathtub (yes an actual bathtub) full of candy. All of this was done to celebrate the launch of our holiday collection, which all of us here at the Bokja studios worked very hard on producing.  Items such as sketchbooks, doll ornaments, vinyl wall frames and swivel chairs filled our showroom. The space was buzzing with energy and warmth and most people went away with a little part of BOKJA added to their Christmas.

Diving head first into the sugary goodness!

Our christmas tree filled with goodies!

Little doll friends

Sketchbooks and greeting cards

For anyone who couldn’t come to the party, you may have missed the fun, but you haven’t missed out on the goodies! Our limited collection is still on display in our showroom. Pass by!


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