Bokja Celebrates Lauch of 1st Human Rights Watch Committee in the Middle East

Next week, Human Rights Watch, one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to the fight for human rights, will be launching its 1st committee in the Middle East in Lebanon.

HRW committees are collectives of influential individuals in different cities who are friends of HRW and dedicated to raising awareness of human rights issues, and applying pressure at the highest levels to achieve change. There are currently 16 HRW committees worldwide, and next week Lebanon’s committee will be joining them to become #17.

As a tradition, HRW committees around the world hold an annual dinner in each city where they are based called “Voices for Justice”, where they raise almost 25% of the annual funds for their local HRW branch.Lebanon’s 1st Voices for Justice Dinner will be held at the Linda Sursock Palace on the 1st of December.

To mark the occasion of the launch of the Middle East’s 1st HRW committee and dinner, board members from across the world as well as senior management from HRW’s headquarters in New York will be flying to Beirut.

Bokja is proud on this occasion to host Beirut’s new committee, HRW board members, managers, and staff at a reception at its showroom on November 30. In it famous welcoming fashion BOKJA will be be providing a platform for HRW members and friends from abroad and from Lebanon to get to know each other and to get to know Lebanon.

About HRW in Lebanon:

Since 2006, HRW has had an office in Beirut, where it has worked to push for institutional reforms and to put pressure on political institutions that have relinquished their role in protecting the rights of the population in the legacy of the civil war. Its most recent achievements are adopting an international treaty banning cluster munitions (which Lebanon recently ratified) and promoting expanded protections for migrant domestic workers. Bokja is honored to have the privilege of hosting HRW’s dedicated members and friends.


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