Mystery Unlocked…

For those of you staying tuned to our adventures at BOKJA, you probably would’ve guessed that the “mystery” we’re referring to is concerning the origins and hidden meaning behind the sudden appearance of a doll in a box marked “Foo Dog” in our office last week. The excitement lingered for several days after “Somebuddy’s” (a Bokja-bestowed name) arrival yet no answers arrived in the mail or otherwise.

Each of us began to speculate about who may have sent him our way- it seemed like destiny…we even began to accept that an answer may never arrive…fantasizing about our very own Saifi Santa Claus…but the excitement came to a sudden resolution today.

The answer arrived via e-mail…so 21st century. Not a casual gift from a friend, nor a hopeful present from a secret admirer…but an INVITATION to participate in an exciting design exhibition coming up soon.

It is our turn around this time to withhold information, but I will tell you this…the mission is to dress up “Somebuddy”, and dress him up we will…this particular “Mini MEGA” doll arrived at our door-step as if carried by a stork, and we adopted him instantly. When we received a phone call today informing us that this particular doll was meant for a neighboring design studio (hence the reversal in the order of events, surprise toy arrival before explanatory email, rather than the other way around), we absolutely couldn’t give him up. You have to hear the shrieks that explode from any of us at the desk in the event that “Somebuddy” falls off the table or drops one of his sword-pens to understand. So get ready…

We will keep you posted soon as to the dates of the exhibition, whereabouts, etc…from the organizers. In the meantime, stay tuned to see the make-over!!


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