Our New Friend at Bokja

I would like to introduce you all to the new addition to our office; no not Dina and not a chair this time – quelle surprise!

Standing or sitting idle is not really an option at Bokja; less by choice and more by the fantastical energy of Maria and Hoda that us so called Juniors need to keep up with – oh the shame! But nonetheless, Mondays can be hard to muster up a smile especially at the end of summer but somebody managed to cheer us up no end.

A little parcel arrived at around 4 pm (dead hour for any employee when so much of the day has passed but still oh so many more to go..). No card, no name and the delivery man in a tell-tale red/yellow shirt working for a company beginning with D and ending in L couldn’t give me any information either.

We’re smiling in the office – we like gifts and Beiruti’s are very generous. So the little black cardboard box held no real clues but we opened it with care – gifts have dropped out and broken before- and out pops a pure white, vinyl “FOO DOG”. No we don’t know what that is either but we fell in love with him instantly. Yea’ high and not a mark on him, he looks like our own little samurai doll (yes, we christened him a boy; we dont have many in the office). We stuck some pens in his little paws et voila! Our own little protector.

Nour decided his nationality is Japanese and since we really have no idea who he is or where he came from, we named him ‘Somebuddy” (Some Buddy) because he’s both and we love him already.

If you want to take a look at our new friend – see below.


One comment

  1. I stumbled onto your blog and to my surprise I found a photo of MEGA! Wow. I’m not sure how MEGA reached you! He is known to be quite mischievous, hope he’s not giving you guys a hard time and I’m glad that you’re enjoying his company 🙂


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