Own a Piece of Bokja and Make a Difference for the Youth of Lebanon

With so many NGOs doing great work in Lebanon, it’s tough to decide which one to support. One particular NGO caught our eye at BOKJA. Founded by Mrs. Melek El Nimer in collaboration with Mr. David Bakis, The Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) is doing some much-needed work by providing underprivileged youth opportunities for exposure, growth, and excellence.

The NGO, launched only last April, opens its 24,000 square meter facilities in Debbieh donated by Nemer, and dedicated team of  staff to youth of mixed religions, nationalities and ages. Its specially-designed programs include a 8-week workshop geared towards teaching underprivileged youth critical values such as tolerance, cooperation, team-work, and self-esteem.

The program unites children over art, music, sports, theater, and other group activities ensuring that they learn these lessons in a natural and enjoyable environment where they are more likely to take these lessons back home with them. In addition to this, children are given the opportunity to partake in activities that are often not possible at the public schools they attend.

The first 8-day pilot workshop last April was a great success. Lebanese, Palestinian, and Iraqi students who initially came in  with prejudices about kids their age from different backgrounds, eventually grew to befriend them. Where as at first kids could not even comprehend why they should be expected to befriend other kids from different backgrounds, eventually it was proven, that uniting with people from different backgrounds and developing tolerance for others springs naturally when these interactions are fostered in a positive environment.

ULYP runs a multitude of other programs that you can learn more about by logging onto http://www.unitelebanonyouth.org.

The 24,000 square meter plot of land donated to the NGO by Nemer, now hosts a swimming pool, activity rooms, and much more for kids to enjoy.

Inspired by this project’s generosity and efforts, BOKJA has decided to sell its “No Small Talk Here” Bench in honor of the NGO at $2,600. All proceeds go to the Unite Lebanon Youth Project.

To get in touch with us about purchasing the bench please contact us at info@bokjadesign.com, or call us at +961 1 975 576. To learn more about ULYP log onto http://www.unitelebanonyouth.org.

By purchasing the bench, get a chance to featured on our blog, facebook group,  and upcoming newsletter!

Help us help the youth of Lebanon.


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