No Small Talk Here!

Yes that’s an order…AND a bench at Bokja. There’s to be NO small talk on this bench.

At this point you’re probably imagining quite a stuffy, delicate, lacy, frilly, silky, sophisticated affair. Well think again.

The No Small Talk Bench Under Construction

Not to say that the “No Small Talk Bench” is unsophisticated- no, but it’s sophisticated in more of a subtle way. In this case the designers have opted to use vinyl on one chair, and to laminate another in sun-flowered plastic. On one chair, you’ll spot a cartoonish aubusson of a cat and a mouse…and with another chair the designers have chosen to flaunt a bare frame, and nix upholstery altogether.

Every chair is a different length and a different shape and yet they are all stuck together, joined by squiggly bars, “X’s, and curves…the semi-circular frame seems to be the brain-child of a little kid doodling on a Sunday morning. This piece has gone through several trips to the workshop, returning every time with a new twist or turn.

Not one for the heavy-hearted- this piece is for the person who sees luxury in fun. In a communal setting, each person can sit on a chair that assumes a different form but that is still connected to the others.

And as you ponder the secrets of life with a drink in hand on a Saturday night, you don’t need a pillow propped behind your back, or a cushion for your tush…this bench is about unleashing your inner child where fun is by far the top priority. But seeing as this bench could possibly turn out to to be more fun than one can handle, we decided to lay down some ground rules 🙂

Using the Bar requires at least 2 players, but is more fun with 4.

For the first round of remarks, the person seated on the unpadded chair reserves the right to speak first. The order goes clockwise from there, and then chaos resumes its rightful place.

Note: This order is not meant to make up for a hierarchy in comfort of seating.

Any player who teases the person seated on the unpadded chair does not only “miss a turn”, but is timed out until s/he grows up.

The person seated at the stool must use it responsibly or face disqualification.  This means s/he is not the designated moderator of the conversation nor the conversation hog.

Disqualification happens through a unanimous vote of the other three players.

The Game here is called Conversation,  and not Musical Chairs. BOKJA will not assume liability for any injuries arising due to mis-use of the bar.

The average length of a game is 40 mins to an hour, longer if you’re a pro. If the game doesn’t last at least 30 mins, you’re not playing with the right people, or you have a strangely short attention span.

Day dreaming is not allowed on the bar.

Making discriminatory comments on the bar including sexist, racist, ageist, and sectarian comments, leads to sudden disqualification.

There are no winners or losers in this game.

Normal behavioral conduct (name-calling, overt expressions of aggression, hair-pulling) resumes when all players are at least 50 m away from the bar.

No  Small Talk Taboos:

1-    Celebrity gossip

2-    Beauty care and beauty care appointments/errands

3-     CARS- unless they are environmentally friendly

4-    Sports matches that are coming up or have recently passed

5-    The frustrations of being single

6-     The Nasty passive aggressive comment you heard last night that you didn’t respond to

7-    Social Drama

TOPICS that make you a desirable player:

1-    The state of the world and how it can be improved

2-    The interesting book you read last weekend that changed your life

3-     The meaning of life

4-    Interesting ways to spend your free time: food, art, movie, and entertainment critiques are highly welcome

5-    The next protest you plan to participate in or the next revolution you plan to stage

6-     That scandalous thing you did at the party that got everyone talking- we like controversial with a positive social agenda.


One comment

  1. My dear Designers
    For a Long Time i’ve been travelling with my Little Family around the World and i’ve been collecting nice peaces here and there! When i was sitting in the waitingroom at the Doktor, i saw a piece of furniture that blew me Away!!! It was exactly my style…had to have it!!!!! Hopefully One day!!!!
    Now i Read your blog and i’m very much Feeling conected with you about all the Things you care!!! And i have a few more Friends that think like me!!!! We should all get together and Change a few Things in this world!!!
    I send you some good energy from Zürich,Switzerland and I Hope to See or hear more from you! Keep going!!

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