Beatlemania at Bokja

Beatlemania– A term that originated during the 1960s to describe the intense fan frenzy directed toward The Beatles during the early years of their success. (Wikipedia)

“Wherever they went, they brought Beatlemania with them. They couldn’t help it; it was a form of real love.”
Derek Taylor on the Beatles from his “Book Fifty Years Adrift”

At Bokja, Beatlemania translates to psychedelic “bell-bottomed” swivels channeling the love and spirit of the 6o’s. Phosphoric beaded zigzags are wound about the egg-like shell of these chairs, interrupted by African kente stipes in forest green and deep red. Polka dots seep through the chairs like burgundy ink-blots, while floral prints weave down the back in bright pink, royal blue, and citrus orange. A patch of starchy cross-hatched fabric from an anonymous shirt here, a patch of lush hand-woven vintage sarma fabric there. Spin the swivel half-way around to see a garden of embroidered corduroy on the other side.

Beatles, Beatles, Beatles!

And on the back a secret garden...

This chair is absolutely a trip through time. Just dim the lights,  plug in your lava lamp, set up your record player, and slump into “The Beatles Chair” for some relaxation, meditation, or inspiration..

All you need is love…and this Beatles Chair 😉

A perfect addition to your jam room?

"Instant Hapiness"

*Above 2 photos by Ayla Hibri. Log onto for more photos.



  1. These are the coolest chairs I’ve ever seen!!

  2. i would recognize that fabulous bicycle anywhere !
    all you need is love… i am in love with these new chairs… they feel like my long lost best friend. i can’t wait to hug them. mabrook! ziggy xxx

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