BOKJA at Mint, London

Our Eames Stealing the Spotlight 😉

If you’re a London native or you enjoy traveling around to stock up on the most unique one-off pieces and creative merchandise, then you’ve probably heard of Mint Shop in London. Voted by Elle Decoration in 2008, as one of the World’s Best Interior Stores, by Time Out London as one of the Country’s (England’s) top 50 stores, and a recipient of the Independent on Saturday’s Interior Store Award, Mint has acquired a reputation for cleverly mixing contemporary cutting edge design with specially hand-crafted ceramics, glass ware and paraphernalia. Winding through its narrow passageways, customers will find that every room is an eclectic mix of furniture with unique objects- an inimitable personal take on interior décor.

Founded by Lina Kanafani in Central London in 1998, Mint has asserted its presence as the destination of choice for those with avant garde and unusual taste looking to furnish their homes.

This June and July, not surprisingly, Mint is featuring BOKJA’s one-off pieces in its summer show, Kaleidoscopes. With clothes pinned up to the wall in ware-house fashion, slanted table legs somehow carrying the weight of their table tops, and miscellaneous items lining metallic shelves stacked one above the other like a department store, the set up of the show combines a variety of physical spaces into one.

The smooth round creamy curves of a ceramic vase that seems to belong in a Tuscan vineyard is also thrown into the contemporary mix along with simple paintings where outlines of figures emerge from pools of color. Amidst all of the contrast it is still impossible to miss BOKJA’s items (but we will leave that up to you to decide from the photos). BOKJA’s bold colors stand out against the cooler, milder general palette, as well as its intricacy of detail and ornamentation when compared to other items that rely more heavily on form.

An exhibition not to be missed, every one of its items is made of a unique substance  and stands with a unique posture.  And at every turn, BOKJA pops out of the display, as if out of a pop-up book, commanding attention with its anti-minimalistic presence.

For Mint’s detailed address log onto:


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