Go VINYL with BOKJA this Summer

With the influx of tourists headed towards Lebanon this summer, there’s tons of material to fill up billboards with. Whether it’s the next beach party or long-awaited concert, or simply visual bombardment from a brand trying to market its newest release- we’ve noticed this city’s sheathed in shiny vinyl.

Not one to miss an opportunity, BOKJA has re-envisioned the possibilities for the remains of mass marketing campaigns. Now after companies have advertised their own wares and events on billboards, increasing their sales, BOKJA arrives at the scene, and collects some summer attire for its furniture. (Oh yeah, politicians supply us too)

Specific BOKJA items are shedding their velvet, Bukhara, and Sarma coats, and stripping down to vinyl instead. With less material, and more “skin” exposed, this also means that PRINT is the new embroidery. Instead of intricate needlework and aubusson, we now have FONTS stretched out across the seats.

Font is the new embroidery; vinyl the fabric

For those of you who just can’t let go of the textiles, we have pieces that incorporate both, like the Picasso. Half-vinyl half-textile, the seat of the Picasso is bold and flat- a geometric red flower bursting forth from a sea of black vinyl, yet the back of this chair  is a colorful mosaic of layered textures and patterns….there’s even a little aubusson Mickey Mouse to add a touch of humor.

And all of the new pieces still have BOKJA stamped clearly on them. Check out our new swings. Our fabric bird motifs have translated into metallic bird figures perched on top of the swings.

The wirey frame of the swing, stretchy look and feel of the vinyl seats,  and iron birds, clash with the frilly bonbon-like wrapping of the backs to create vinyl covered eye-candy!


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