Schizo BIO

You may be wondering what the Schizophrenia Chair is, and why Schizophrenia? Here we explain it all…

The Schizophrenia Chair is an “anything-goes” chair- a chair of stark contradictions. There are only TWO elements that are consistent with all of them: their animated praying-mantis like frame, and their Beirut Service (taxi)- inspired plastic covered seat.

We often wonder why Service drivers in Beirut cover their back seats in plastic- especially because many of them are quite dillapidated or heading in that direction anyway- but we liked the idea and thought it lent the chairs a touch of Beirut. Plus it has the added benefit of protecting the delicate collages of memoribilia, OLD newspaper clippings, and lucky charms on the seat. Another unexpected element in luxury furniture- service-inspired seating!

Now we move onto the arms, some of them naked some of them done up in doily-like gloves. Intricate vintage aubussons (embroidery) on the back range from animal figures, to cut-off human faces, to fruit bowls, to lake house scenes- could be anything embroidered that is intriguing to look at. The aubussons give the chair a “country cottage” vibe that competes with the pop culture cut-outs on the seats. Is it an urban chair, is it a country chair, is it young, is it old? It’s all of them.

The schizo chair is a chair of textures, right under the hand-made rough stuffy hand-made embroidery is a random collage tightly packed under a sheet of plastic- which gives the chair an industrial feel. Your legs squeak against the plastic, while your bag rubs against the aubusson, your arms rest in an inclined arch on the cool wood, and your fingers trace patterns in the doilies. That is when you’re not standing and admiring the wacky collage of colors textures lines and materials from afar and explaining to your friends what it’s all about.

This chair refuses to be restrained. You can throw it anywhere. And one thing’s for certain…it’s a L.O.T. O.F. F.U.N

***The Schizophrenia Chair is constantly adapted, so be on the look-out for more surprises!


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